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The project was co-financed by the European Union from the European Fund for Regional Development

Name of the User's Project:
Increasing the competitiveness of PDM Savjetovanje d.o.o. through the procurement of ICT equipment, KK.

Short description of the Project:
The current focus of the company is the improvement and development of the core activity of project management, primarily construction projects for private investors and management of projects co-financed from EU funds, where the company offers, among other things, the design of nZEB zero-energy buildings as well as the creation of specialist parts of projects aimed at reducing consumption energy and reducing CO2 emissions. The basic problems that appear in everyday business are related to inadequate/outdated IT equipment and the lack of specialized software solutions in the field of modeling the energy efficiency of buildings, calculating the acoustic properties of the building and simulating the spread of noise to the environment, which are set as a standard in construction design in more developed markets. The subject of this project is the acquisition of the necessary IT equipment and the acquisition of specialized software solutions that will enable the company to improve most of its business processes, increase the productivity of human resources and increase the quality of the service provided as a prerequisite for further development.

Objectives and expected results of the Project:
Through the implementation of the project "Increasing the competitiveness of PDM Savjetovanje d.o.o. through the procurement of ICT equipment" the company will increase its competitiveness on the regional and European markets and create conditions for the expansion of activities to new European and foreign markets through the procurement of new computer equipment, standardized and specialized software solutions and the improvement of the company's multiple business processes. The project also contributes to the creation of new jobs and the promotion of long-term environmentally sustainable construction solutions. The project indirectly brings with it other benefits in the form of new employment, contribution to the promotion of sustainable development and the promotion of construction based on the model of long-term environmental sustainability.

Total value of the Project: 644.092,50 HRK
The amount co-financed by EU grants: 325.175,04 HRK
Project implementation period (from-to): 20.01.2020.-20.09.2020.

Contact person for more information:
mr. sc. Željko Štromar, tel: +385 1 5625 779, e-mail:

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